We loved her even before we met…

This July 19th 2013, our baby girl turned one. You should have seen us, all excited and marveling at how fast the months had gone by. Funny, because when she was days old, one hour with her felt like an eternity. She would wail until her poor lungs couldn’t take it anymore, while we, with the hope of getting a quick one hour nap, would hopelessly try to rock her to calm down to no avail. Everybody told us that this was just a phase and that they grow up pretty fast, I couldn’t fathom that then. Now we do. Yes, they do grow up pretty fast. We still have our rough days, when she simply won’t relent, but we couldn’t care less because this tiny thing changed our lives from the day she landed here.


Any mother will tell you how those nine grueling months can be. The constant fatigue, the myriad of emotions, the awkward sleeping positions, the weight gain. You go around carrying this little human who wrecks havoc on your body and the only thing that keeps you going is the immense love you have for them. And God in his perfect and divine order ensures that this love abounds during these months and sometimes it is all that keeps you going. It is this same love that gives single mothers whose boyfriends have deserted them at their most vulnerable the strength to carry on. The same love takes some mothers through pregnancy related complications that would otherwise have bogged them down. This love takes both mom and dad through the rough patches once the baby is born. Such is the power of this love.

And so through it all, you learn how strong parents can be, and more so the new ones like us who navigate through the first year without an instruction manual. You also realize that this is just the beginning of the journey and that you will wear your heart on your sleeve for the rest of your life and you can’t help it either.

So I baked a cake, never mind the fact that I hadn’t pretty much baked anything my entire life. We put balloons all around; we fussed over what we’d eat and how we were going to serve the cake, the colour of the forks. We had to because we loved her even before we met her…


Happy birthday doll!


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