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Worry no more


I know it’s been a while,
Since we sat side by side,
I guess I was too caught up on living life,
Trying so hard to soar and take flight,
But worry no more dear friend, am here now.

I travelled many a place,
Saw different faces,
But none gave me your kind of stir,
The kind that gives my heart a roar,
Worry no more dear friend, am here now.

Today, let’s break bread,
Under the yellow sun, our feet spread,
My tired feet walked a thousand miles,
But my soul was all smiles,
I was coming back home,
So worry no more, dear friend, am here now.


Love is spoken here


In these white-washed walls

That sometimes have sheltered pain and agony
And other times, pride and joy
Beneath this roof that some days has masked loss
And other days inexpressible bliss
Love is spoken here

In these corridors that have held the pitter-patter of tiny feet
And sometimes the shrieks of a triumphant fleet
In these hallways that have had their share of banging doors
And sometimes rooms blaring out with song
Love is spoken here

In this shelter we call home
Where there is always unending hope
Where our kinfolk abound
Where in equal measure there is want and abundance
Where our memories are forever amassed
Love will always be spoken here


Be still


Through the darkest of moments
When pain seems to come in torrents
When my soul is on its knees
And peace is elusive, deaf to my pleas
I will be still, for I know he is God

When the storm rages on
And my heart at best is forlorn
When the furious wind rocks my ship
Into the sea, I shall not leap
I will be still, for I know he is God

I will smile through my pain
In recognition that my troubles are not in vain
His gentle reminder, that this too shall pass
“My dear daughter…” he says, “…do not make a fuss”
Be still and you will know that I am God