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Yes… still here

Am really bummed that I haven’t been posting as much. But, not to worry am still around.

What I have been up to: I am now back in the 8am to 5pm grind, yes I am! Am working for a cool social enterprise known as Sanergy that helps to tackle the sanitation challenge in the urban slums by providing low-cost, high quality sanitation units called Fresh Life Toilets. It’s amazing how much we take toilets for granted until you get to visit informal settlements and see how having access to a clean toilet means so much to the residents there. Read more about their work here…

Christmas Holiday 2013: To wind down the year, we drove all the way to Malindi, a town about 120km north-east of Mombasa Kenya. Sunshine has never been cooler 🙂 We spent four days soaking in the sun and me splashing water by the edge of the swimming pool seeing as I can’t swim 😦 ….. will hopefully work on that though. We also went snorkelling in Watamu at the Malindi Marine Park, and incase you are wondering yes, I was clinging to a rope tied to the boat and voila….I could swim! We also visited the Vasco-Da-Gama pillar, one the oldest European monuments in Africa built in 1498!

The Vasco-Da-Gama Pillar
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Early 2014: Just like a million other people on this planet, my resolution for 2014 was to get fit. So I bought Shaun T’s T25 just because no equipment is needed! Well the truth is am not a stickler for exercise but am at the very least getting my 2 days of exercise per week and for me that’s progress!
And oh yes, how could I forget Binyavanga Wainaina finally came out.  And as expected, there was a big online buzz, The Guardian took notice too! Wishing him the very best, I can only imagine how free he must have felt after trying to hide it from the world for most of his adult life. The guy can really write, has such a way with words and that for me is all that matters. Do I see him differently? Maybe just maybe, because our culture is not one that questions the greys, it’s either black or white…topic for another day…
Thats it, I promise to keep checking in as much as I can

Love and Light



Wouldn’t it be nice…..

 urlEverybody loves a helping hand….

I was online the other day and came across some interesting concept by the WFP (World Food Programme) in which they were training dads to get involved in the nutrition and well-being of their children. The idea seems quite simple right? But think about it,  if we had more dads being hands on in the raising of children,  I think we would really make strides in ensuring gender equality. And here is the thing, I think we can safely assume that a dad who is actively involved in raising his kids is much more likely to also lend a helping hand at home from time to time. He is also more likely to be one who is gender sensitive 🙂

Most mums will attest to the fact that when it comes to the nitty-gritty of raising kids such as what they eat, their vaccination schedules etc and housework as well, some dads are usually hands off. This is  because of the Gender roles that are given to either men or women and as well as the socialization that takes place over time. What this unique approach by WFP does is that it helps the men appreciate the role that women play in the day-to-day raising of children.

This is especially crucial  in today’s world where both men and women are actively involved in providing income towards the well being of the family.  If responsibilities within the home context are also equally shared, trust me, we would have happier women and men too! This is because the women will not be so boggled down by household demands.

And as well an applause to the dads who are already hands-on 🙂. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more dads do the same?

Cheers to my first post!

You’d think that after writing countless little notes on paper (which I have obviously kept to myself 🙂 ), I’d not be so nervous about blogging. Well, the truth is I am.  Writing on a public platform is nerve-wrecking to say the least!  Truth is, am still not quite sure about the shape and form that I want this blog to take, but I sure do hope that it resonates with our everyday experiences.

One area that I will constantly be blogging about is that on Gender and Development. Am a passionate Gender student and I believe that as a country we still have a lot of strides to make in-terms  of ensuring that both men and women have an equal platform in which to steer the development agenda forward.

ImageA lot of firsts for me have taken place in the last one year, I became a mom and wife…..such huge and monumental milestones for me.  I will be blogging a bit of that too and tell you how it’s all going along. Suffice to say, am not doing too badly on that front and so here’s a toast to another first …cheers!