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Yes…..am still here

Am really bummed that I haven’t been posting as much. But, not to worry am still around.

What I have been up to: I am now back in the 8am to 5pm grind, yes I am! Am working for a cool social enterprise known as Sanergy that helps to tackle the sanitation challenge in the urban slums by providing low-cost, high quality sanitation units called Fresh Life Toilets. It’s amazing how much we take toilets for granted until you get to visit informal settlements and see how having access to a clean toilet means so much to the residents there. Read more about their work here…

Christmas Holiday 2013: To wind down the year, we drove all the way to Malindi, a town about 120km north-east of Mombasa Kenya. Sunshine has never been cooler 🙂 We spent four days soaking in the sun and me splashing water by the edge of the swimming pool seeing as I can’t swim 😦 ….. will hopefully work on that though. We also went snorkelling in Watamu at the Malindi Marine Park, and incase you are wondering yes, I was clinging to a rope tied to the boat and voila….I could swim! We also visited the Vasco-Da-Gama pillar, one the oldest European monuments in Africa built in 1498!

The Vasco-Da-Gama Pillar
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Early 2014: Just like a million other people on this planet, my resolution for 2014 was to get fit. So I bought Shaun T’s T25 just because no equipment is needed! Well the truth is am not a stickler for exercise but am at the very least getting my 2 days of exercise per week and for me that’s progress!
And oh yes, how could I forget Binyavanga Wainaina finally came out.  And as expected, there was a big online buzz, The Guardian took notice too! Wishing him the very best, I can only imagine how free he must have felt after trying to hide it from the world for most of his adult life. The guy can really write, has such a way with words and that for me is all that matters. Do I see him differently? Maybe just maybe, because our culture is not one that questions the greys, it’s either black or white…topic for another day…
Thats it, I promise to keep checking in as much as I can

Love and Light